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Bi-Weekly Mortgage Life Plan

As a homeowner, you may be familiar with the advantages of a bi-weekly mortgage payment program.  Instead of making 12 payments per year, you make one half of your monthly payment every two weeks.  This adds up to two extra half- payments per year which, when applied to the principal, can cut as much as 5-8 years off the term of a 30-year mortgage and save you thousands in future interest payments.

This Special Benefit Plan:

· Offers you the opportunity to reduce the term of your mortgage by several years.

· Could potentially save you thousands of dollars in mortgage interest.

· Provides mortgage life insurance protection that may be used to pay off your mortgage should anything happen to you or your spouse.

· Works with your current mortgage and is transferable if you refinance or purchase a new home.

· Can be initiated without refinancing or credit approval.

· Features convenient, electronically drafted mortgage payments every two weeks.

Plan Features:

· Works with new or established mortgages

· Commercial or residential mortgages

· Works with your current lender

· No closing costs

· No credit checks

· Potentially save thousands in interest payments