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Association Benefits

Offer your association’s members additional benefits to their membership.  You can provide benefits at no cost you the association.  Each member business can offer its own customized menu of benefits or the association can pick and choose what it wants to offer to the members.

How do we do it?

Professional Association Benefits Group uses a variety of companies and present the ones that best fit the needs of the organization.  Some companies rate certain types of businesses or industries more favorably than others.  We can also mix and match among the different companies we represent so your members are getting the best rates we have to offer.

Do you already offer voluntary benefits?

We understand that this is not a new idea.  We can work with what you already offer.  In some cases it might be better to replace what you may already be offering because the a new product may offer more benefits than your current product or we can match new products to wrap around and enhance what s already offered.

What do we offer?

We have a wide array of benefits for you to offer to your members from the usual products like disability, vision, dental to the less common products like pet health insurance. 

Short Term Disability               Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
Long term Disability                 Critical Illness
Vision                                           Cancer
Dental                                          Life Insurance
Pet Health Insurance

In most cases we can start with groups as low as two (2) participants. 
Some products can be written on an  individual basis.